Escape the Call

Technologies used: Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Node, Express, AJAX

Many people are familiar with the phenomenon of the relative who is impossible to get off the phone with--in my case, it tends to be my mother (and don't worry, she's well aware). At the time I was coming up with this project, Cookie Collector was a big hit, so I decided to create a browser-based game along the same lines, designed to entertain the player and demonstrate Javascript capabilities. This also includes a retro 90s design of completely hand-rolled CSS.

A playthrough of Escape the Call

Example User Stories:

These breakdown tasks to make it easier to focus on individual aspects of an app. Separated into "Current" (what I knew I could finish), "Backlog" (what I hoped to get to), and "Icebox" (which I would have to work on after the project ended). These are a few of the stories I created.


  • As a user, when I hit start, the game starts.
  • As a user, when I choose an answer, points are affected.
  • As a user, when I am near losing, there are warnings I can see.
  • As a user, when I lose the game, I can start a new game.


  • As a user, when the mother asks a question, I am rewarded for choosing an answer.
  • As a user, when I get a high score, I can put in my initials.
  • As a user, when I try to get off the phone with the mom, it affects my points.

Ice Box

  • As a user, when I reach a certain score, I have more options for gaining points.
  • As a user, when I win a level, I move onto another level.