Hi! I'm Lindsey

I'm a web developer with a passion for accessibility, UX, and community.


I'm looking for a position in UX (preferably with accessibility as a portion of the job) or as a frontend engineer with a UX or accessibility focus.

Ideally you

  • Have a diverse, inclusive workplace, including not-men and not-white people on your tech team(s)
  • Have a good work/life balance and know that people are more productive when they're rested
  • Provide professional development opportunities, like conferences, courses, etc.
  • Realize user experience is an important part of any product
  • Understand that everyone benefits when a product is accessible
  • Don't have technical whiteboarding during the interview process


I am available to start immediately


  • Remote
  • DC
  • Pittsburgh
  • Orlando

* I may be willing to relocate.

About Me

I have 2 years of web developer experience, primarily in Python (Django) and Javascript (React), multiple years of organizing and assisting within the tech community, and have spoken internationally on web accessibility. I am currently working on my Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) certification by the IAAP.

I have an MA in International Peace & Conflict Resolution and a BA in International Relations with a minor in Writing. For my MA, I have performed both qualitative and quantitative research at a graduate level. I started as a web developer through a bootcamp and am quick to learn new things when I have the chance. I've worked for non-profits, small businesses, large corporations, and political organizations.